CHANGE Cancer Alberta Study
The CHANGE Cancer Alberta Study is a 12 month study involving client with metabolic syndrome. It looks at reducing the risk of developing cancer through an intense diet and exercise intervention.

What makes the CHANGE Program more effective at reversing metabolic syndrome (MetS) than other diets or workout plans? The difference can be summarized in five key ways:
  1. YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR — No one knows your health like your family doctor. As your primary source for information about your overall health, your family doctor plays an active role in the CHANGE Program, applying his or her medical knowledge to support and monitor your progress, and provide trusted advice.
  2. A TEAM APPROACH — Your family doctor engages a dietitian and a kinesiologist (exercise specialist) to ensure you receive specialized expertise while in the CHANGE Program. This team of health professionals is with you at every step of your journey, working together to support your progress, and identify and address any challenges you face.
  3. PERSONALIZED DIET-EXERCISE PLAN — Cookie-cutter programs don't work. The CHANGE Program draws on the expertise of your family doctor, dietitian and kinesiologist to tailor a program fit for your lifestyle, income, physical abilities and diet and exercise preferences, offering you the best opportunity for lasting change.
  4. GRADUAL INTERVENTION — Bad habits die hard. The CHANGE Program will help you succeed by guiding you through incremental steps toward simple, achievable goals, with frequent support from your dietitian and kinesiologist.
  5. CLOSE FOLLOW-UP OVER 12 MONTHS — Change takes time. To finally turn the page on stop-and-start attempts with diet and fitness fads, the CHANGE Program recognizes that you will likely need ongoing, consistent support and feedback for more than just a few months. Setbacks will naturally occur, and the CHANGE Program is designed to help you learn how to get back on track and achieve your goals for a healthier life.
​For more information visit the Lakeland PCN office at St. Paul Wellness Centre (#101 4801-39 Street, St. Paul AB) or call 780-645-1188